waggle dance

the waggle dance
re-enacts time, space
and spots the sun

using honeycomb
as their compass
the bees map hexes

from which the dancers
transmit the source
direction to dancers

encoding flight
giving an accurate
angle of sunlight

with the added
of pollen loaded

legs, sicked-up
nectar droplets
and flower scents



one second
of waggle

equals 1000m
to travel

the bees change 
their flight-path 
with each tree 
newly come 
into bloom

Karl von Frisch, tr. Dora Ilse, The Dancing Bees: An Account of the Life and Senses of the Honey Bee


all life
to the light
from which
life comes

bee dances
to the sun

if it’s dark
then the bees
will dance
to a candle

Robert Duncan, The HD Book