nether hive


Nether Hive

Alec Finlay, 2013
materials: wooden nether hive, straw skep, book

nether hive: Oliver Goldsmith, The bee and other essays & The life of Nash, 1914  

Artist and poet Alec Finlay is currently Leverhulme artist-in-residence at the University of Stirling, working in collaboration with Kathleen Jamie and the School of Arts and Humanities.

This installation adapts Taylor’s 19th century nether-hive system for beekeeping, one of the many transitional modified hive designs, combining the traditional straw skep with the newer wooden container. In his survey of beehives Gene Kritsky records the sometimes rather eccentric names these designs were given by Victorian innovators:

    Nutt Collateral
    Improved Cottage
    Ladies Observation
    Mansion of Industry
    Royal Alfred

In this Nether hive the knowledge of books is exchanged for the sweetness of honey as, each week, a different book relating to bees is displayed. Some of the ideas and images in these books will appear in a series of poems composed by Finlay during his residency.

Design based on Taylor's 1880 nether hive design

Here, in the library, the ever-prescient concept of ‘mind / hive’ is renewed. Like bees in a colony, the books in a library may be thought to form one organism – divided into subjects, as bees are divided by task but, nevertheless, potentially offer a unified consciousness, one in which, contra current ideology, the humanities and sciences form a unified whole.



Discussing this new work, the artist recalls his memory of "wandering through the library during my last few weeks at Stirling, having completed the required work of my degree, making my own flights between different book stacks: poetry, geology, oriental studies, psychology, like a bee, moving from blossom to blossom. This still represents a kind of ideal to me, and is a practice that underlies my art to this day".

nether hive: Oliver Goldsmith, The bee and other essays & The life of Nash, 1914  

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Alec Finlay & Kathleen Jamie


Photos: Luke Allan; with thanks to Jane Cameron, Helen Beardsley, Kathleen Jamie, Martin Buckle, Old School Fabrications, and the Leverhulme Trust