(I) bee colour

gene mutation
breeds the bee
colour spectrum

black wild bee

   old German Brown

      golden banded Carniolan

         deep bronze Cyprian

            grey mountain Caucasian

               pale yellow Palestinian

(the ever variable Dutch
stretching from pure-bred black
to patent leather brown)

(II) So they say

being blind
made Huber

a finer

(III) Sight

   a larder
   of red powder

we know the bees
can see colours

by the neatness
of their pollen stores

   a larder
   of yellow powder

Julien Fran├žon, The Mind of the Bees

(IV) Saw

are balanced against

W. Eric Kelsey, The Spell of the Honey-Bee

(V) Voiding

bees like to shit
after a sprightly flight

(VI) Down with

toads have evil ways
   with bees

grass snakes
are worse

& deplorable adders
make their beds
   under hives

ants, woodlice & earwigs
are more of a worry
   to ladies

feeding saves
the smaller birds
   from sin

H. J. Wadey, The Bee Craftsman
T. W. Cowan, The Honey Bee
A. L. Gregg, The Philosophy & Practice of Bee-Keeping